Marketing API

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Ads Insights API

For Ads reporting and analytics.

Access Facebook's measurement APIs. Before you run ads:

  • Set them up to track conversions. Conversions are events you're want to measure such as someone visiting your site or adding an item to a card.
  • Set up your conversions in Facebook's ad tools or the Ads Management API
  • Retrieve metrics using the Ads Insights API.

Measuring Ad Performance

Facebook provides several APIs to fetch metrics on your ad's performance. Learn more about each kind below:

Ad Insights Edge

The API to fetch Insights from is the Ads Insights Edge. It provides a single, consistent interface to retrieve statistics about Ads, Ad Sets, and Campaigns.

Keyword Stats Reference

Stats per keyword used in an ad's targeting.

Types of Conversion Tracking

Before you can get data on your ad's performance, you should set up your ads to track the metrics you are interested in. The following are ways to track ads.'

  • Click Tags – URLs that asynchronously fire when someone clicks on a Facebook ad. Add to each ad when you create the ad.

  • URL Tags – Strings appended to the link URL of an ad. Add to each ad's creative as you set the creative.

  • Facebook Pixel – Add this to your website to report actions on your site back to Facebook. You can then track actions on your site that occurred based on Facebook ads.

  • Mobile Conversions Endpoint -Track events in your mobile app, use Facebook's server-side endpoint to report in-app events. These events can then be attributed back to Facebook ads.

  • Tracking Specs -Tell Facebook the actions you want to track for which ads. By default, Facebook tracks certain actions based on your ad\'s objective but you can add custom specs with this API.