Ad Campaign Structure

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Ad Campaign Structure

Facebook's campaign structure has 3 levels: campaign, ad set and ad. In the API, there is a fourth level available for developers, called the creative.

  • Campaigns contains your advertising objective and one or more ad sets. This helps you optimize and measure results for each advertising objective.

  • Ad Sets have one or more ads and you define budget and schedule for each ad set. You create an ad set for each of your target audience segment with your bid, and the ads within the ad set will target the same audience using the same bid. This helps you control the amount you spend on each audience, decide when each audience will see your ads, and see metrics specific to each audience.

  • Ads contain the design of the ad, or ad creative). Create multiple ads in each ad set will to optimize ad delivery based different images, links, video, text or placements.

  • Ad creatives contain just the visual elements of the ad and once created, are immutable. Each ad account has a creative library to store creatives for reuse in ads.

The main features available in the new campaign structure:

Objective Schedule Budget Bidding Targeting Creative


Ad Set


Mapping between the public facing naming of the object and API endpoints:

Public facing name API endpoint



Ad Set






Learn more about Facebook's ad campaign structure here.


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