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App Links

App Links is an open cross platform solution for deep linking to content in your mobile app
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Setting Up App Links

Adding App Links to Your Existing Content
You can make your existing web content discoverable to mobile clients that support App Links. When people click on links to your existing content through supported clients, they can load the content in your app instead of a web view.

Mobile Only? Use the Hosting API for App Links
If the content in your app is mobile only and you don't want to set up a web server, you can use the Facebook Hosting API for App Links to provide links to mobile-only content.

Mobile Clients

Support Incoming Links for iOS
Learn how to support links to your iOS app. Also learn about the unique UX requirements for iOS and pre-defined widgets you can use to make cross-app navigation easier.

Support Incoming Links for Android
Support incoming links to your Android app.

Navigation Protocol

Support Outbound Links to Other Apps
Learn how to link to other apps using the Facebook App Links Index API and the App Links Navigation Protocol.

Facebook App Links Index API
Facebook provides a Graph API endpoint to look up if a given URL supports the App Links standard. Data is returned in the App Link Host format.

Analytics for Apps

Add App Links to Your App
Facebook makes it easy to see how people are using App Links in your app. By analyzing trends about traffic and usage information with App Links, you can see the value of App Links and create better experiences for people.


Samples Apps on GitHub
We've provided a few sample apps that you can use as a basis to modify your app to support App Links.